Simon Perry (moderator) with Alex Traila, Rebekka Garridoand Alessandro Gropplero for #FEEDback.

Film Eastern europe dialogue

This initiative brings together leading professionals of the European film industry in a think-tank environment to devise and develop new, collaborative strategies that can benefit film production and distribution in the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

The key word is ‘collaborative’.  The aim of #FEEDback is to propose film policies and practices to be pursued in countries of the region which are based on compatibility, reciprocity and harmonisation, on the basis that if their markets and funding systems are more open to each other, this will strengthen the countries’ individual industries and lead to a richer and more sustainable cinema culture in the region.

The first round of #FEEDback is organised in three stages: in Cluj (Romania) in June 2015, in Cottbus (Germany) in November 2015, and in Trieste (Italy) in January 2016.  Each stage consists of a closed session for a working group to brainstorm cross-border strategies and identify practical measures for putting these into force; followed by a public session in which the group’s ideas are tested through debate with a wider audience of professionals. 

Recommendations arising out of this three-stage working process will be presented at a special open event to be held during the Berlinale in February 2016.

#FEEDback (Film Eastern Europe Dialogue) is an initiative of Transilvania International Film Festival, Connecting Cottbus East-West Co-production Market and When East Meets West Co-production Forum, realised with the support of EAVE and in partnership with CE-MediaDesk Romania, CE-MediaDesk Berlin-Brandenburg.